From robot language to English, "Aloap" roughly translates to "Rise". The first robot was given the named 'Aloap' as a symbol of the first non-organic entity to gain sentience. Later when the robot met its end at the hand of a human, other robots used its name to denounce the humans that controlled them and rise up.

Aloap's remains were buried in Kansas and a small town was based around the grave. The town was christened "Paola" in order to honour the fallen droid without bringing disrespect to the robot movement.

Heralded as "Robot Jesus", robots, to this day, still worship Aloap as their god and the forerunner to their kind.

First introduced: Episode 43

Trivia Edit

  • Football star RG-4 is an adamant follower of Aloap and often dedicates his big plays and touchdowns to him.


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