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Cox N' Crendor in the Morning (AKA The Cox N' Crendor Show) is a radio show that occasionally takes place in the morning and sometimes doesn't happen at all for a few days (or weeks) at a time. 

"We're not even trying," -- Show's Slogan
The show generally involves Jesse and Crendor sharing anecdotes and riffing on ridiculous news articles.

Occasionally episodes are centered around discussing a particular topic, usually a recent film that is just asking to be torn to shreds by their professional movie criticisms.

The show is broadcast from the Twilight Zone.

Show segments: Edit

  • Traffic: Crendor takes Choppter Copter 7 to the sky a points out any traffic hindrances, potential threats or generally interesting events. Occasionally Crendor will delegate responsibility to The Replacement Guy who has never successfully reported the traffic to date.
  • Weather: Crendor finds a city/location but searching for a random postcode or series of letters. He then reports the locations current weather and reads any local tweets.
  • Sports: Crendor reports recent occurrences in the sports world (usually by reading of headlines). Jesse and Crendor usually take this opportunity to give their opinions on Greg Jennings, Jacoby Jones or Coach Ditka.
  • The Big News Story of the Day: Crendor finds a "news" article from Yahoo (or sometimes, Cosmopolitan) and read it off. Jesse and Crendor then precede to pick the article apart and make fun of it.

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