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Originally aired: 04/12/2012

Crendor warns people of a tornado that doesn’t exist and admits to being part of an organisation that is poisoning water supplies. Meanwhile, Jesse discusses women’s sweaty bodies.

“Stress is a natural lubricant” -- Jesse

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December is here! A time for Holiday cheer and festive delights! Also talk about heads popping off, stress stink, and the extremely boring love lives of people in the business world.

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Traffic: Edit

  • "The sky is crazy today, there is stuff all over, including but not limited to: lightning, snow and Santa Claus" -- the Replacement Guy reports

Weather: Edit

  • Jay, Oklahoma
  • "Wish I had a bathtub in my dorm. I miss bubble baths. Bubble baths and Sundy showers are impossible, I can barely shave my legs. #MarissaProbs" -- Marissa Shmit

Sports: Edit

  • Jacoby Jones had a bad day:
    • 1 catch for 5 yards
    • Mediocre kick returns
  • Greg Jennings had a pretty decent game for the first on his return

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Tap Water Pesticides Like to Allergies
  • Cold Weather Dates Gone Wrong

Trivia Edit

  • First introduction of Replacement Guy
  • This episode reveals that Crendor possess a spring water bong
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