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Originally aired: 10/12/2012

The fat girls have arrived. The boys discuss the high class establishment that is Chilly D's.

“Then STFU and get on the treadmill Honey Boo Boo; I don’t want to pay for your diabetes treatment.” -- Grace J
"Dead people don’t need refrigerators, get it from grandma" -- Jesse Cox

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It's Monday, time for a whole new week of workin' for the man! While you may not like it, just make sure you don't act like the subject of our first story. Turns out people need to re-learn the golden rule. Also Jesse and Crendor pontificate the finer points of Maury.

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Traffic: Edit

  • There are no cars at Chilly D's
    • roads around Chilly D's are also clear

Weather: Edit

  • Aberdeen, Scotland

Sports: Edit

  • Jacoby Jones didn't play and the Ravens lost
  • Greg Jennings did pretty well
    • he caught a 27 yard pass against the Lions
    • he is married to Nicole Jennings

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Refrigerator Features That Are Worth It

Trivia Edit

  • First introduction of Jeff from Chill D's and Grace "Yelp Lady" J
  • The boys admit the donuts with popped collars taste the best
  • In this episode, Jesse discovers that Crendor's booing sound clip ends with a single guy clapping.
  • Related animated episode: The Yelp Lady
    Cox n' Crendor The Yelp Lady

    Cox n' Crendor The Yelp Lady

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