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Originally aired: 17/12/2012

Jesse discusses the first Hobbit movie and how he thinks Andy Serkis should be permanently transformed into Gollum.

“Why don’t you regain your sense of wonder, douche bags” -- Jesse 

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On today's episode, Jesse and Crendor discuss the hobbit, Robot co-hosts, and of course a discerning look into the new Cosmo article about S&M. This one's for YOU, ladies.

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  • Traffic is slow because everyone is depressed on their way back to work or school
    • However, a Hover-Cartm will get you to your destination faster
  • Touchdown

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  • Coleraine, Northern Ireland

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Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Mad Libs
  • Get Your 50 Shades On, Girl

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  • First introduction of Greg Jones and Blork Nok
  • This episode is the first in which Crendor reads of a Cosmopolitan article for he shows Big Story
  • Related animated episode: Tamakeri
  • Uncle Mark
    Cox n' Crendor Tamakeri

    Cox n' Crendor Tamakeri

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