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Originally aired: 18/12/2012

The boys threaten podcast rival Chris Hardwick and discuss the McRib

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Attention unaware self obsessed morons! This show is for you! Also Jesse and Crendor delve far to greedily and far too deep into the world of the McRib. Once you hear 10 "facts" about it - you'll never want one again.... or in Crendor's case, go out to buy one right away.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Your Uncle Jason is suffering from five broken legs and a heart attack

Weather: Edit

  • Mount Marion, New York
  • "There is almost nothing worse than walking home from the library alone in the pouring rain at 2:30 in the morning"-- L. Murph
  • "I loveeeeeeeeee sleeping to the so

und of this rain A *weird symbol* *weird symbol* *weird symbol* A *weird symbol* ? *weird symbol* VF" -- Kamorai05 (may be a Mayan Robot)

  • "I wish I had a blunt vending machine in my house so I didn't have to run to the store in the rain" -- Crazy White Boy

Sports: Edit

  • Danny Amendola scored a touchdown for the Rams
    • When he spiked the ball it hit the side ticket guy.

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 11 Amazing Facts About the McRib

Trivia Edit

  • First mention of Chris Hardwick and Dick Mandingo
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