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Originally aired: 19/12/2012

A lady teaches her kids how to stitch pig skins and the boys discuss why you will never find love

"I know which part of me stays at 18" -- Jesse

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It's Wednesday, only 2 more days til the end of the world! And what better excuse to get out of those awful holiday parties with family. Although, if the world doesn't end, we have some tips to help you deal with those nosy relatives who still want to know why you're single. ...and if you aren't single, get single quick, we need dates!

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  • Redlands, California
  • "Tonite Imma' make it rain" -- Jesse Goes Ham
  • "The wind outside though. The world is ending for sure. LOL" -- Javie G
  • "Honestly, this cold weather calls for a Disney Land, so I can wintery clothes and drink hot chocolate and be happy" -- Zoolai Carvajole

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  • Tim Tebow is requesting to leave New York city

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  • The Number One Reason You May Be Single

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