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Originally aired: 20/12/2012

It's time to enter the V-Zone. In this episode the boys discuss how they are going to build their rap career. Their rap group, "Abusive With Vegetables", is all about spreading good morals and positivity. Also, science shows that squeezing boobs will help save the world from the impending Mayan invasion.

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Today on the show, Jesse and Crendor discover the Mayan Robots one weakness - breast fondling. Also, do you know what a "fupa" is? We don't either, but we talk about it. And lots of rapping. LOTS OF IT.

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Traffic: Edit

  • "AHHH! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END" -- The Replacement Guy
    • He had a stroke in the Choppter Copter

Weather: Edit

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Sports: Edit

  • Carmelo Anthony returned and scored 31
  • Paul Pierce broke out with 40 points and 6 three-pointers
  • Mark Sanchez will likely be traded in the off season

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Best and Worst States for Disaster Readiness
  • So You Have a FUPA

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