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Originally aired: 21/12/2012

Robot Mayans did not destroy the world and as a result, Crendor is depressed.

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Turns out the end of the world didn't happen, so it's back to work today! Don't worry, one day the Robots will rise up against us - just give it time. Then you can finally tell your boss where to shove those TPS reports. Also Jesse analyzes Crendor's dream.

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Traffic: Edit

  • There is a lot of snow and rain, but the world didn't end.
  • Keep an eye on the traffic later at night because everyone will be drinking because they are depressed the world didn't end.

Weather: Edit

  • New London, Minnesota
  • "Woken up by this heavy rain fall" -- Stoaby29
  • "Info doomsday, it just rained like doomsday in here; f-in scary" -- R. S. E. Pitaji
  • "Sitting in this dude's car; I swear this weather was killing me, my body can't handle it" -- Dollface
  • "What's the weather like, 'cause its kook here. Cloudy, then a peek of sunshine, then prob rain later" -- Frisko Kid

Sports: Edit

  • Rob Gronkowski is remaining limited in practice
  • Robert Griffin III is looking good once again
  • The Cubs signed Edwin Jackson

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 11 Surprising Things That Effect Your Dreams

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