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Originally aired: 31/12/2012

First of all Jesse's parent's dog is not a pug, it is infact a Boston Terrier.

It is New Year's Eve and 20-odd-3 is nearly upon the boys; what a great time to discuss Jesse's casual racism.

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Uranus moves into your love sector this week as Jesse and Crendor explore heavenly bodies and astrology for the new year... or... at least A year. Also the boys talk about what they did with their week off - spoiler: Jesse becomes a casual racist.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Traffic is backed up because of New Year's Eve
    • An alien ball will drop and destroy the Earth.

Weather: Edit

  • Herrick, Illinois
  • "Why are skunks out in this weather?" -- AD_FiGuy

Sports: Edit

  • All the bad teams did not get to play in the NFL finals; the good teams however, do get to play.

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Horoscopes for 2012

Trivia Edit

  • Jack and Susan Cox's dog is not a Pug, but a Boston Terrier named Molly
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