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Originally aired: 03/01/2013

Jesse watches Django Unchained and, naturally, the conversation evolves into writing kids books, for teens. The Elf Story and Guy Hero are born. Also, there are rabbits that live like people.

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In a world where corruption and evil rule. Where the criminals and police are one in the same. The country cries out for a hero - GUY HERO. Also they talk about Tarantino movies and girl power!

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  • One guy has pulled over to the side of the road to cry, because he is depressed about working at Cinnabon

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  • Keen Valley, New York
  • "Wind, 1.6 miles per hour, North-North-West parameter. 1014.6 HPA falling. Temperature -4.9 AF. Rain today 0 inch. humidity 64%" -- N-Field Weather

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  • Charlie Strong pulled off 2 stunners.
  • Louisville beat Florida

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  • 6 Reasons Your Friends Are Good For Your Health.

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