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Originally aired: 04/01/2013

In this episode, Bobby has red shirt. The boys discuss the David Lynch and The Ladder of Enlightenment.

"David Lynch is either completely insane, or the only sane person making movies"

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Guy Hero returns to lead us through a look into the mind of a mad man. Besides going into Crendor's brain, we talk about the friend zone and read an article that might help you get out of it. Love Books and Tombstone quotes a plenty!

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Traffic: Edit

  • Watch out for tornadoes and meteor showers

Weather: Edit

  • Circleville, Utah
  • "Wish magically I would wake up tomorrow and its 85 and sunny" -- Burrito Becka
  • "Sometimes, sunshine turns to rain and the same ones you love brings you pain" -- ItsMeMeL
  • "Head strong in the world with the wind at my back" -- Bring Out Your Dead

Sports: Edit

  • Jordy Nelson is play on Saturday for the Packers, not Greg Jennings

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Escape the Friend Zone*: From Friend to Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Trivia Edit

  • First introduction of Kid President
  • This episode is the episode in which Crendor classically trains Jesse to desire hot chocolate when he rings the bell at the end of an episode.
  • *The Friend Zone isn't real
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