Minneapolis Reporter Gets Tackled In Live Shot

Minneapolis Reporter Gets Tackled In Live Shot

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Originally aired: 07/01/2013

This episode is dedicated to RG-3; he is with Aloap now.

The boys discuss the Black Eyed Peas and dreams.

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It's that awful monday after a long string of holidays. Sure you've got to go back to work, but we're along for the ride today with more nonsense. Today the boys talk about their love for the mysterious 4th member of the Black Eyes Peas, why Americans think fat is fun, and of course Greg Jennings. Also we may have just come up with an amazing idea for a podcast. You know, besides this one. Video Link For Sports Section:*

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Traffic: Edit

  • It is back to the grind as people head back to work and school
  • Watch out for dangerous school bus drivers and sleeping truckies

Weather: Edit

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • This episode's weather segment is sponsored by Kellogg's Mini Wheat Crunch and Pest Control Cabbage Looper

Sports: Edit

  • The Packers won the playoffs because Greg Jennings carried the team
  • RG-3 robots legs gave out during his match against the Sea Hawks, he was shot in the head as a mercy killing and RG-4 was booted up.
  • A reported gets tackled during a live report.

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Few Americans Know the Risks of Obesity
  • 8 Foods to Avoid Before Sex
  • Why We Don't Like When Men Cry

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