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Originally aired: 08/01/2013

It's #Number2'sDay. Crendor makes a grilled cheese and goes to Walgreens.

“We are somewhere above terrible”

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Today the boys learn what makes comedy funny, or at least try to figure out why everyone is laughing at them, not with them. Also Jesse ate some bad chowder and RG4 is back again to make Jesse laugh so hard he nearly dies. Oh, and news n' stuff.

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  • "Everyone is driving to work today and I'm just on my own eating a Popsicle" -- The Replacement Guy

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  • Compton, Arizona (Bizarro Compton)
  • "Grindin' 'til sunshine" -- Mr. Suave

Sports: Edit

  • The Bucks parted ways with Scott Skiles
  • Greg Jennings is a free agent after this season and may join the Miami Dolphins

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Funny People: Why Our Brains Like to be Tricked, Teased and Tormented by Humour

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