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Originally aired: 10/01/2013

Crendor discusses his recent dream, America is renamed and Jesse gushes over the world's greatest "futbol" player.

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It's Monday, time for a whole new week of workin' for the man! While you may not like it, just make sure you don't act like the subject of our first story. Turns out people need to re-learn the golden rule. Also Jesse and Crendor pontificate the finer points of Maury.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Traffic is very light, so the nature is very noticeable
  • One driver is going to Subway
    • This episodes weather is sponsored by Subway

Weather: Edit

  • Olamon, Maine
  • "Also to be sure, I think weather plays a key role in crime rate. Warmer equals more crime" -- All 4 Jury
  • "You never alone. We are birds of a feather and will never change. NO matter the weather this is my oath to you." -- Brackish

Sports: Edit

  • Where is Tim Tebow?
  • PELÉ!!!
    • Pelé is very old (72)
    • He has a game for Atari called "Pelé"
    • The last time he played was 1977

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 10 Most Traffic Congested Cities of North America

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