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Originally aired: 11/01/2013

The boys discuss Brazilian prostitutes and pretend to be old people. Crendor also shares his sick tea recipe.

"There is always hope for ways to kill yourself"

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It's Tuesday, or as Crendor knows it: "The Day of the Twos". Also Jesse and Crendor learn what women look for in men, as well as how to beat a dead horse.

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Traffic: Edit

  • One truck, carrying Twinkies, is being followed by fifteen cars. 

Weather: Edit

  • Kadoka, South Dakota 
  • "It's beautiful outside, but I want to play; so it should stop snowing now" -- Miram Mlexis 
  • "Where's all the snow at" -- Trina Marie  
  • "Why is everything closed, it's not even snowing?" -- Logan Avatar 

Sports: Edit

  • Black and Decker

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Places You Might Not Get to Shop At in 2013

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