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Originally aired: 14/01/2013

A bear drives a monster truck and the boys figure out how they can harness the power of meteors in currency form.


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So the weekends over, and I bet it went by so fast. Well today the boys tell you how to managed your time better! Also they create a legendary football team and shoot down the Death Star - with Bear hands and a Monster Truck.

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  • Traffic is back to normal
  • A guy might be driving to the art institute

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  • Pataskala, Ohio
  • "No,there isn't too much snow. Yes, you still have to go to school" -- Someone
  • "snow outside *happy face" -- Rhianne Loves TW
  • "You are all talking about snow. Now I'm scared to open my shutters to check how the roads are outside in my town" -- Official Miss Pain

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  • 10 Easy Ways to Get More Done

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