Coach Ditka

Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 16/01/2013

Ride the Flo into this episode in which Oprah tries to ruin Jesse's career through his dreams.

iTunes description Edit

Do you hate having fun? Do you like to sleep in the nude? Do you dream of being sexually assaulted by Oprah? WELL THEN THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU! Sleep deprived Jesse and tired Crendor are back for a Wednesday spectacular.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Fish are in the sea
  • Aardvarks are eating trees
  • There is a box of Legos
  • A guy is yelling at the road

Weather: Edit

  • Absarokee, Montana
  • "Did not need to see that Friday forecast. Snow!" -- the only guy in Absarokee

Sports: Edit

  • Scott Rolen has not made a retirement decision
  • The Bears hired Mark Trestman as there new coach

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • The Benefits of, Like, Sleeping Naked
  • Foods You Should Cut From Your Diet (And Fun You Should Cut From Your Life)

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