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Originally aired: 17/01/2013

A story of Siri trying to kill Jesse leads to a story of a Belgian woman get lost because of her GPS. The boys learn about cuddle cafes and Jesse reveals his beer spraying fetish

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It's almost the weekend and Jesse and Crendor are back with some beauty tips for the ladies to help catch your crush's attention! But along the way they get lost with the help of their GPS and end up at another creepy Japanese "hotel". That and all the awful Chicago accents imaginable!!

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Traffic: Edit

  • A car falls off a bridge after listening to his GPS
    • He fell into another dimension

Weather: Edit

  • Yatesville, Georgia
  • "At the end of the day, I still wish I could do the dance Michael Jackson did in the rain on that one music video. That was pretty DOPE!" -- I'm Chillin Josh
  • "Apparently it's supposed to snow, so I'm going to go beat my meat" -- Asparalix
  • "Living life snow go" -- Tony Monitinary

Sports: Edit

  • LeBron James is the youngest player to reach 20,000 points
  • Coach Ditka talks about the new Bears coach

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Stay Pretty: Do It Yourself Beauty Tips

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  • Related animated episode: The Cuddle Cafe
    Cox n' Crendor The Cuddle Cafe

    Cox n' Crendor The Cuddle Cafe

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