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Originally aired: 21/01/2013

There was no Monday episode because THE YAKUZA GOT JESSE.

Not really, but Jesse does tell the story about how he got his long package. Pig anus calamari, day old pizza and college porn stories also await.

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Today, we learn about Jesse's strange package, as well as things guys say to their girlfriends. Also Crendor tells you why Hockey is the best and why it's always colder in Russia. All this and a story about donkey porn, on this episode of Cox n' Crendor in the morning!

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Traffic: Edit

  • It's a Friday show everybody's going down town for Friday" -- The Replacement Guy

Weather: Edit

  • Zeblaki*, Russia
    • Napoleon met his end in Zeblaki after being unable to pronounce Pawlish Sesij

Sports: Edit

  • Hockey returns this week

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Subway Foot-longs Coming Up Short
  • Shit My Guy Says

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*it is unclear whether or not Zeblaki is a real location in Russia

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