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Originally aired: 30/01/2013

It's Impersonation Tuesday!

Jesse has start a new exercise and diet program and discuss the benefits of yogurt with Crendor. Meanwhile, Florida ladies defend their home by chanting "Jesus"

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In order to back into shape after an annoying bad break up left Jesse a mass of flap, Crendor offers Jesse some diet tips as he embarks on his journey of personal discover. They are all bad. Also, Jesus power! And Ghost Adventures: Minnesota!

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Traffic: Edit

  • A couple of buses are in a drag race
  • A blue car is the only one of its colour in a two mile radius

Weather: Edit

  • Kandiyohi, Minnesota
  • "Ma noo dazoog peon :: Let it snow." -- Entranuer
  • "1:55 am, Woman Lake, current temp 30oF, feels like 30oF. Humidity: 100%. Wind: calm." -- Woman Lake
  • "Curse you MGA pasan, dark heavy clouds" -- Awkward Wanderer

Sports: Edit

  • JaMarcus Russell, wants to come back to football, but he gained 50 pounds and the only team that wants him are the Jets

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Untitled story about a chicken wing heist
  • Taco Bell Pulled an Ad That Mocked Vegetables

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