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Originally aired: 31/01/2013

Crendor rambles on about Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuits and crystallized ginger for the beginning part of the podcast. Later, the boys discuss how they would make sports cooler

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Today's show is a special one. You know, "special". Crendor manages to drive Jesse nuts with his talk about hippo candy, while at the same time creating an entire new character "Mc Rough". Then the boys talk about the future of football, and it's amazing. Also, what does your desk say about you? Besides the fact that you're lazy. All this and more! Related Link:

Show Segments


  • It's really windy
    • The Coppter Copter is upside down
  • The cloud traffic is looking good


  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • "Storm is here, I guess" -- Kawaii Buttsu
  • "The wind is blowin' so hard" -- Lashaya
  • "So rain came from out of nowhere" -- Whit Jane
  • "I don't think Twitter knows it's raining yet. Haha. Gavin got off." -- Big Spence Ham
  • "Welcome to Georgia, here the temperature can literally be anything from 60 degrees to the Gobi Desert" -- Kawaii Buttsu


  • Ray Lewis may be taking deer antler spray

Big News Story of the Day:

  • What Your Desk Says About You


  • This episode is sponsored by Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuits