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Originally aired: 05/02/2013

Many a discussion topic is touched upon in this episode of Cox 'n' Crendor. The boys discuss: the Superbowl and subsequent Puppybowl, the daring cookie heist pulled by the Krümel Monster, the dangers of letting snakes take over and the introduction of a new superhero.

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For the first time since their psychic powers became known to man, Jesse and Crendor return to the air waves to discuss why they are the greatest sports analysts since sport began. Also they discuss the AMAZING Puppy Bowl IX. But, the show isn't all American sporting events - we also talk about the amazing Cookie Monster robbery and why India is similar to Disney Land. Related Link:

Show Segments


  • Snow, wind, fire, rain and fog combine together to form the great superhero of weather, Grey Storm
    • He is out hunting snakes


  • Narwana. India
  • "Snow Mobile Gang doing shots, that's safe. Ice fishing trip 2013. #Hashtag" -- Say10666
  • "It's going to be cloudy tomorrow, that's music to my ears. #Love #Retweet #TeamFollowBack" -- Holister Python
  • "Wow! Itta' snow everywhere and girls walkin' around in short skirts" -- Fly High Sean


  • Superbowl discussion at the beginning of the episode.

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