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Originally aired: 11/02/2013

Jesse and Crendor invent a new dance and talk about water. Blacksmith Marcus sends another sword to Jesse and Crendor begs for Squishables

“Write it in English next time” -- Jesse 

“My solid ratio is very high” -- Jesse

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Helllooooo Monday! Cox n' Crendor are back from a short break to brighten your day and make all your sadness go away! ( Our lawyers advise us that this may not actually happen) Today Crendor discovers something called Squishables and falls in love with them. Jesse mocks him mercilessly. Also the boys talk about water for far too long and help YOU live longer so you can make up for time lost listening to this podcast.

Show Segments


  • A green car has crashed into side of a building
    • The driver exited his vehicle to yell at it.
  • A dolphin is jumping in the ocean
    • It may jump the bridge
  • A monster truck is taking up 4 lanes of traffic


  • Poland, Ohio
  • "Thank you rain, please come again; say farmers." -- Ask Arange


  • Rafael Nadal triumphs in singles return
  • Venus Williams pulls out of Catar Open
  • Lolo Jones, the skeleton, wins gold in bobsledding
    • Wizards at Disney's Pixar brought her back to life

Big News Story of the Day:

  • Ways You Shorten or Lengthen Your Life Everyday