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Originally aired: 14/02/2013

Crendor shares stories about his trips to various stores, anti-Semitic bees attack old people and the boys take the "RPG or Florida Quiz".

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Happy Valentines Day! In honor of the special day, they start the podcast off by talking about Doritos.... don't ask. Then Jesse tries to see if Crendor and you the listener can tell the "differences" between RPGs and Florida. Then we wrap up with stories of people complaining about Valentines Day - because no one every seems to have a good one.

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  • "Traffic today is crazy. I'm going to talk into this cup, because I like talking into cups and it makes me sound like I'm doing my job, but I'm not, I'm just sitting here on the ground." -- The Replacement Guy reports

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  • Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
  • "Thanks @JWalk14 for teaching me how to walk in the snow. #PenguinWalkerNoMore" -- Rish Like Fish
  • "Wow! Just two real tweets today. That's the record low." -- ShadowStorm9119
  • "Soon as the ground clears, there is more snow on it." -- Dire Dancer

Sports: Edit

  • CC Sabathia has a cereal eating problem... again,

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  • My Most Memorable Valentine's Day

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  • This episode is sponsored by Red Baron Pizza, Squishables and Purple Doritos
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