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Originally aired: 18/02/2013

Crendor tries to open his Mexican Coke and Florida Man (the world's worst superhero) officially rises.

iTunes description

You've heard of Guy Hero. You're witnessed the power of The Grey Storm. But now, we introduce a new hero! FLORIDA MAAAAAAN! With the power of twitter and stupidity! Jesse and Crendor follow Florida Man's wild antics from the Atlantic to the gulf of Mexico. Speaking of Mexico, Crendor finally gets Mexican coke! Also we give love advice, cause we're so good at it.

Show Segments


  • A man is running down the street with a fish
    • A driver has challenged the running man to a fish battle
    • One man is wielding a swordfish, the other a catfish
      • The running man has been punctured by the swordfish for a "GG KO"


  • Mexico, New York
  • "Retweet Syr problems. Yeah and know what? Syracuse hasn't had snow in a while. Mother Nature #SyracuseProblems" -- Am Gilb
  • "Just found out projections for 40 degrees next weekend and I actually yelled "oh yeah!". I've been in Ithaca too long #Perspective" -- Michael Learner
  • "Retweeting life bucket. Before I die I'd like to dance in the rain with someone I love." -- Jay Lenart


  • Teammate blasts LaMarr Woodley
    • "He's awful" -- Teammate

Big News Story of the Day:

  • Stuck in the Friendzone, We're On It


  • Official introduction of Florida Man and Squirrelly
  • This episode is the last beta CnC episode.
  • Related animated episodes: "Florida Man Part 1 - A New Hope" and "The Lost Episode (1 Year Anniversary)"

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