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Originally aired: 20/02/2013

It is the very successful and much loved event, Imitation Tuesday. The boys discuss weird baby names and finally learn what pressure means in weather reports.

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Have you ever wondered what kinds of names people from around the world are allowed to give their children? Have you ever said "I wonder what the worst name in America is?" No? Well, after today you will. Also Jesse and Crendor wax poetic about old age and discover their shared loved for Canadian super sport Curling.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Cars, boats and trains are going on the time clock
  • Taking the I-05 down to the I-54 will allow the driver to see a cage of monkeys
  • Florida Man is at the zoo beating people with animals

Weather: Edit

  • Bawiti, Egypt
    • Sponsored by Wheaties

Sports: Edit

  • Seattle is on the way to curling world championship.

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Obscene Tweets on Burger King Account

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