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Originally aired: 25/02/2013

Crendor gets sent pawlish sesij and the boys read even more Florida Man stories.

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Welcome back to another enchanting episode of Cox n' Crendor! Today we delve deep into sorority life and find out what makes the fine ladies of delta nu or siggy saggy (that's one right?) tick. Also, the boys discover that picking up hookers is actually pretty easy and fame, isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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  • Crendor takes Choppter Copter 6 to the skies
    • It has two propellers
  • A guy is chasing another guy after setting his car on fire
  • Two people are dressed in medieval garb and engaged in a sword fight near the I-55

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  • Polish Pines Country Club, West Virginia

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Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Jennifer Lawrence Falls at Oscars
  • 6 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight

Trivia Edit

  • First introduction of Trig Jegman
  • Related animated episode: "Trig Jegman" and "I Just Want It"
    Cox n' Crendor Trig Jegman

    Cox n' Crendor Trig Jegman

    Cox n' Crendor I Just Want It

    Cox n' Crendor I Just Want It

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