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Originally aired: 06/03/2013

It is another installment of the ever successful Impersonation Tuesday. The boys share stories of the Rich People Mall and coffee refills at breakfast.

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After a well deserved break, Jesse and Crendor return with stories of their time in LA. From the rich people mall, to watching bad movies, to....watching more bad movies.... ALSO, we learn the legend of Molasses Mike! Finally Jesse tries to teach the world a lesson about "being the cool kid", but Crendor craps all over it.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Traffic today is slow
    • Except for a guy going really fast
  • A helicopter dropped a car into the ocean

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  • Ira, Iowa
  • "Where this snowstorm at. Aw, okay, haha." -- Wolfgang

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Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Top Billionaires

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