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Originally aired: 27/11/2012

The boys follow up on an article teased in the previous episode, "10 Beauty Mistake That Turn Him Off". They discuss the appeal of having honey for lips and Jesse breaks down the relationship of two people barely mentioned in the article


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It MUST be Tuesday, cause all the sudden things are going bonkers here in the studio. Turns out there was something wrong with the recording Crendor's volume was super loud. It's been fixed, but it's still out of wack. But that's out, we push on! With a news "article" for the ladies... apparently written by a*****e men.

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  • A bunch of crashes have occurred on the I-9846 sue to fatigued drivers heading to work or school

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  • Frankfurt. Germany

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  • A Rhino Was Cooked to Death Nine Million Years Ago Fossil Reveals

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