Ep 107

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Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 14/07/2015

Jesse wants to marry an Amish lady and the Watcher returns once more.

iTunes description Edit

In a month filled with reports on the Watcher, only 1 hero is brave enough to return and save us from the letter writing menace! It's FLORIDA MAAAAAN! (broken link)

Show Segments Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • Crendor reveals he went to traffic school
  • Bill Clinton is out on the streets seducing people

Weather: Edit

  • Midland, Maryland

Sports: Edit

  • Jason Pierre-Paul is going to lose a finger.
    • A fall over counter has been put in place to count how many times he falls over while on the line.
  • The Giants have no plans to move on from JPP
  • The Bills' offence line coach, Aaron Kromer, was arrested to battery

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Texas Man Claims He Bagged a Chupacabra
  • Florida Man Attempts to Cash $368 Billion Check

Trivia Edit

  • First mention of Tito Watts
  • Related animated episode: Florida Man's Fortune
    Cox n' Crendor - Florida Man's Fortune

    Cox n' Crendor - Florida Man's Fortune

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