Ep 116

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Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 23/01/2016

Crendor has mono, Jesse meets a genius at Starbucks and Hillary Clinton reveals herself to be the devil.

"I don't know medicine"

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The boys are back, and Jesse has a tale to tell. Turns out an old man in a wheel chair is infinitely more badass than all of us. Crendor shares his struggles with mono, and why you shouldn't self medicate. Then, we wrap it all up with the return of FLORIDA MAN!!!

Show Segments Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • Cars are freezing on the highway
  • People have gotten out of their cars to ride horses
    • The horses are also frozen
  • Crendor cannot help the frozen people due to legal to reasons

Weather: Edit

  • Ora, Indiana

Sports: Edit

  • NFL play offs happened
    • New England beat Kansas City
    • Denver beat Pittsburgh
    • Carolina beat Seattle
    • Arizona beat the Packers

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Florida Man Who Wanted T Time Travel, Crashes Car Though Strip Mall
  • Florida Man Uses Wife as Mop
  • Lotto Loser Power Ball Reimbursement Fund Raises 800 On GoFundMe
  • Business Genius Gets Town Buzzing By Selling Sex Toys At Food Cart
  • Butt Plug Bandit Says He Was Too Embarrassed to Buy One
  • Woman Arrested for Beating Husband Over His Farts
  • Police Taser Woman Who Was Just Trying to Sleep Pantsless in a Grease Dumpster
  • Woman Allegedly Stripped Naked, Punched Customer at Waffle House

Trivia Edit

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