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Originally aired: 18/04/2016

The boys discuss the return of Tito Watts and the Barkley Marathons. They also beg for money in order to buy the Watcher house.

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The boys return with an update on one of their new favorite Florida Man characters. Also they remind everyone to donate so they can buy the Watcher house, and that Crendor really loves screwdrivers.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Someone is behind the KFC buying golden tickets from Jesus
  • The Choppter Copter is unable to follow Jesus into heaven

Weather: Edit

  • Simao Yunnan, China

Sports: Edit

  • Baseball has started
    • The Cubs are 5 and 1
  • Hockey playoffs have started

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Real Life Hamburglar, 5 Guys Thief Caught on Camera Breaking Into Joint to Cook Snack
  • Ghost Bride Filmed Hovering Spookily at Horror Crash Spot Where Newlywed Died 27 Years Ago

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