Ep 122

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Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 23/06/2016

The boys discuss the Warcraft movie, How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Education .MOV File and a man who just wants to be a dog.

"Yeah, but China is great at building walls"

iTunes description Edit

The boys return, and spend a good while waxing poetic over the Warcraft movie. The boys then talk about 70 year old drug dealers, strange art movies, human puppies and a naked man at the waffle house. All this and more, on this exciting episode Cox n' Crendor.

Show Segments Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • It is nighttime, so Crendor can't see the traffic
  • Two people are hanging off the side of the Choppter Copter shining flashlights

Weather: Edit

  • Epfenbach, Germany

Sports: Edit

  • The Penguins win the Stanley Cup
  • The NBA finals are in game 7
  • Baseball is still here
  • Ronaldo falls short
  • Chile is beating Mexico
  • Argentina beat Venezuela
  • Fargus completes hat trick

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Naked Man Exposes His Suasage at Waffle House

Trivia Edit

  • Notable fan animation: Puppet Cox n Crendor 5: Waffle House
    Puppet Cox n Crendor 5- Waffle House

    Puppet Cox n Crendor 5- Waffle House

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