Ep 125

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Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 16/10/2016

Jesse is back from Twitch Con, so the boys discuss anniversary gifts. Crendor discusses his favourite twitch channel and discovers he is. essentially. a southern plantation owner.

The boys also promise to watch the Nicholas Cage movie 'Army of One'; but, spoiler, they never do.

"If you're getting shitfaced at Chuck-E-Cheese, you've got problems"

iTunes description Edit

Cox n' Crendor return to address the important issues this political season. Who is writing on crabs!? What gifts should you get for an anniversary? They serve alcohol at Chuck-e-cheese!? All this and more!

Show Segments Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • Jesse has a stroke
  • There is a backup on the 44-West
    • Traffic will likely be delayed for 3-8 hours
  • A beluga whale disrupts the traffic report

Weather: Edit

  • Dayton, Ohio

Sports: Edit

  • Hockey and NBA are in the preseason
  • The Minnesota Vikings ar 4-0
  • Odell Beckham is not having fun, because of media attention
  • The Packers won last week
  • The Bronco's are 4-0 as well
  • The Cubs are going to win the World Series this year

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Brawl in Chuck-E-Cheese
  • Florida Man Apparently Painting Anti-Hillary Messages on Tampa Bay Crabs

Trivia Edit

Violent Brawl Breaks Out Between Grown Ups at Chuck E

Violent Brawl Breaks Out Between Grown Ups at Chuck E. Cheese

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