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Originally aired: 18/04/2013

Back trace yourself into this episode of Cox N Crendor. The boys continue the discussion of: "Room 237", the wild dogs that roam the Lion's stadium and the future of sex robots.

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The future is coming. And the boys discover most of is revolves around Jesse's attempts at getting a robot sex slave. Also, room 237 is discussed even more, since everyone loves a skiing Minotaur. And finally Crendor annoys Jesse with his damndable sound machine. Why? BECAUSE I BACKTRACED IT!

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Traffic: Edit

  • The Choppter Copter has engine difficulties.
  • Crendor dies.

Weather: Edit

  • Iran, Pakistan
  • Yardley, Pennsylvania

Sports: Edit

  • the NFL will release the full 2013 schedule on Thursday
  • A guy with good kicking ability was picked up by the Lions

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 27 Science Fictions That Became Science Fact in 2012

Trivia Edit

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