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Originally aired: 08/05/2013

A man keeps four women hostage for 10 years and Crendor reveals his latent racism.

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Sorry for the technical difficulties - but the episode is finally here! ...and it's a good one ;) After the news from Cleveland about the kidnapper, Jesse comes up with a solid theory to prevent all future crime - BLAME VIN DIESEL. Also Crendor lays out 5 questions you should ask on every date.

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Traffic: Edit

  • A pretty cool car is driving down the street
    • The monkey that is driving the vehicle is too fast and too furious
    • The monkey was then arrested and sent to the same prison as Morgan Freeman

Weather: Edit

  • Gabbs, Nevada
  • "I miss Gabbs" -- Lindsey Plords

Sports: Edit

  • The Bulls beat the heat yesterday
    • The entire team is injured
  • Lebron James is not doing anything... except losing

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Love Interest

Trivia Edit

  • First introduction of Charismatic Guy
  • Related animated episode: Crazies and Cantaloupes
    Cox n' Crendor Crazies and Cantaloupes

    Cox n' Crendor Crazies and Cantaloupes

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