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Originally aired: 18/06/2013

Jesse invents a new dance to go along with his new craze of digeridoo dubstep. The boys also explore foreign McDonalds foods.

“Cheese is god juice”

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We're back! The boys return with dreams of bigger things - like Australian musical instruments, wordly McDonalds food, and other randomness. You've asked for it, so now take a big ol' helping of Cox. ...and Crendor.

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  • A homeless man is loudly playing the didgeridoo
  • A pilot flying a plane is also playing a didgeridoo

Weather: Edit

  • Paeonian Springs, Virginia

Sports: Edit

  • Ichiro Suzuki went 0 for 4
  • The Cubs finalised a 7 year deal with Anthony Rizzo

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 17 Awesome McDonald's Dishes You Can't Buy in America

Trivia Edit

  • Related animated episodes: "Sound of Music" & "The McD Quiz"
    Cox n' Crendor Sound of Music

    Cox n' Crendor Sound of Music

Cox n' Crendor The McD Quiz

Cox n' Crendor The McD Quiz

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