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Originally aired: 12/11/2014

The boys recap their Blizzcon 2014 experince. Here's a list of things that happened:

  • Crendor gets mistaken for Firebat. This is an easy mistake to make since they both look similar and are both masterful Hearthstone players
  • The boys trounce everyone in Heroes of the Storm
  • The boys become the best at Overwatch
  • There were some weird dancing twitch girls
  • Jared Rosen orders chicken parmigiana from IHOP at 3am
  • Stripping is way too British

"Mexico, its' fun being near you, but not in you"

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Jesse and Crendor return from Blizzcon and ramble on about it for too damn long. Also some weird news and things!

Show Segments


  • Traffic today is a day away
  • School buses are hurrying off to school on the 408
  • Work buses are taking people to work
  • The I-52 is clogged
  • Someone arrived to their work place by jumping off the bridge with a hang-glider


  • Weather today is a day away
  • Kokdala, Uzbekistan


  • The Packers destroy the Bears

Big News Story of the Day:

  • Woman Finds Stranger in House, Eating Her Cookie Dough