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Originally aired: 15/01/2015

Jesse goes on a health kick and Crendor tells some facinating stories about his journey to Target and Jersey Mike's. The boys learn about the health benefits of chlorophyll and order some to try on the next podcast.

"You can got to all the world, and eat at all the world, and poop at all the world."

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Jesse embarks on his quest to reach 65 for his big payday. Meanwhile Crendor is still sick. This isn't helped by the fact that dieting is hard and Jesse is a mess. They also go crazy and become plant men.

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Traffic: Edit

  • Crendor has installed a teleporter that switches his and Jesse's position
  • Traffic is boring today

Weather: Edit

  • Insan, South Korea

Sports: Edit

  • Indianapolis, New England, Green Bay and Seattle are the teams in the running for the Superbowl
  • Rex Ryan is now coach for the Bills
  • Jack Del Rio is now coach for the Raiders

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 15 foods you should keep stocked in your fridge