Also known as The Apocalypse, Armageddon, Ragnarok, The End Times, etc. is a catastrophic event which would bring about the end of the human race or Earth itself which has been predicted by many people throughout time to occur on 21st of December 2012, the most notable prediction being by the Mayans. However while people knew of the Mayans predicting it they did not know that they would also be the ones to cause it by sending out their robots of destruction to bring about the end of our world. Due to animal's keen senses they will sense the impending doom and thus descend into mindless violence killing each other and anything they see.

One thing the Mayans did not think about when planning their end of the world scheme was time zones and since their robots were programmed to destroy the world on exactly 12:12 21.12.12 they would easily destroy a section of the world within the hour and would then wait on the edge of the timezone until the next timezone reached 12:12, this fault in the plan gave super heroes around the world enough time to save most of Earth.

Jesse Cox and Crendor commonly mention on Cox N' Crendor int he Morning that they welcome their new robot overlords (not knowing that the robots o not seek to rule them but to destroy them).

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