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Florida man with his Batleth and bag o' creatures

General Edit

Real Name: Alonzo Liverman

Aliases: The World's Worst Superhero

Place of Residence: Scar City

First introduced: Episode 46

History Edit


Alonzo Liverman lived a happy yet simple life in a trailer park with his wife. One day she was kidnapped by beings of pure energy from another universe, he went to rescue her but failed miserably due to his vast incompetance. Alonzo Liverman Sought help and guidance from a great master of the art of violence: Master Kush Spice who trained him. Then he used his new found skill to invade the energy being's base to save his wife whilst unwittingly also preventing an invasion however she was already dead when he found her. Alonzo discovered that Master Kush Spice was working with the energy beings, helping them to invade Earth which more importantly made his wifes death his fault and Florida Man swore vengeance against his old master.

  • He typically does things that seem rather strange.
  • His powers come from snorting human and dog ashes.
  • He had a sidekick named Squirrelly who was the squirrel, he was able to communicate with Squirrelly thanks to his ability to speak squirrel.
    • Sadly, one day Florida Man killed Squirrelly with a shotgun while attempting to remove Squirrelly from his butt.
      Florida Man without mask looking into the sunset

      Florida Man without mask staring off into the sunset and beating his meat

  • Florida Man sometimes ties one of his bagged animals to his Klingon Batleth for extra power.
  • He once used a large fish from his bag of animals to beat up a quadriplegic (it was probably an evil quadriplegic... Probably). Florida Man once assaulted a pregnant woman with The Cheeseburger
Alonzo Liverman

Alonzo Liverman

  • Vengeance which is the most powerful sandwich in the universe!!! Florida Man offered a salad to a prostitute for sex.
  • Florida Man assaulted a drag queen whilst dressed as a member of the KKK.
  • Florida Man tried to run for mayor once, only one person voted for him: Guy Hero, out of pity.
  • Florida Man pretended to be a doctor and wasn't fined because he was the best doctor Florida has had in years.

Powers and Skills Edit

Florida Man Title Card

Florida Man TV show Title

Skills Edit

  • Despite his weight still quite agile
  • Fluent in Klingon and Squirrel
  • Expert hunter
Power Grid
Strength X
Speed X X X X
Durability X X
Energy Projection X
Fighting Skill X X X X X

Paraphernalia Edit

Apparel Edit

  • Luchador Mask, Gloves, Trunks and Boots
  • Cape

Weapons Edit

  • Bag Of Alive Animals
  • Ex-Girlfriend's Dog
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