Involvement with Jesse Cox Edit

Jesse Cox received a steel katana (which was tested with magnets) in the mail. Upon further inspection he discovered that it was crafted by the great Japanese blacksmith Marcus and was intended for John "TotalBiscuit" Bain, head of the local Yakuza. Upon discovering that his precious blade had ended up in the hands of a foreigner due to mailing error ordered the death of Jesse.

The Yakuza tried to lure Jesse to their lair which is disguised as an oriental restaurant, Japan Best, where he'd be vulnerable and let his guard down with a coupon for free fried bananas. Jesse used his coupon knowing full well that it was a trap, but his hunger for fried banana was too great. Jesse ended up fighting off at least 88 Yakuza henchmen after paying for $20 worth of food and stealing the fried banana off of their corpses.

The Boss realized that his organisation was no match for such powerful racism and ordered his men too pull out. Before Bain could order Marcus to forge another katana, the blacksmith died of old age.

Meanwhile at the Cox residence, Jesse was visited by the ghost of Marcus who reclaimed the katana he had forged, it was the only thing keeping him tied to Earth, he then walked through the wall of Jesse's apartment and disappeared with the katana.

Later the Ghost Hunters appeared and began filming, Jesse just left them too their shit.

The katana glows blue in the presence of Japanese people, making it very racist.

First mentioned: Episode 35

Aftermath Edit

During the following days after the initial attack, Yakuza members continuously assaulted Jesse;s residence in an attempt to reclaim the katana. After many conflicts, a resolution was reached when Jesse and the alive Yakuza members sat down for a cup of Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea.

"Limbs were lost, but love was gained" -- Jesse
However, Crendor had poisoned the tea and effectively killed off the remaining Yakuza put a permanent end to the boys' problem.