Guy heroic
Guy Hero is a character in the Cox n Crendor universe. He is mainly known for punching people randomly and going around, being a badass. He originates from the novel series Guy Hero Egins.


Guy Hero's history and past is not completely known, however we know he is the descendant of Hercules, Shiva, Valkerie, Arthur and wood elves somewhere. He was once hooked on CINN, which is a kind of drug made out of cinnabon fluid, his (ex)girlfriend is still addicted to it, and has become Woman Persuasion. He lives in a tent made of Giant's skin in Keen Valley and drives a monster truck. His main weakness is apathy, which makes Grey Storm quite a formidable foe. He also rides the Flo. His arch-enemies are Woman Persuasion, Dark Crenelf, and Dr. Melt-hand.


- Flo Riding

- Attraction Aura

- Super Strength

- Hope Punching

- Expert Badassery

- 20 Foot Wang

- Strong hatred for the letter "B"


- Giant skin tent

- Foraged Steak Bush

- Monster Truck

- Hammer

- Skinning Knife

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