Guy heroic
He is mainly known for punching people randomly and going around, being a bad-ass.

Guy Hero's history and past is mostly unknown.He was once hooked on CINN, his (ex)girlfriend is still addicted to it and she has become Woman Persuasion

He lives in a tent made of Giant's skin in Keen Valley and drives a monster truck. 

His main weakness is apathy, which makes Grey Storm quite a formidable foe and Guy Hero was once killed by Grey Storm but returned to life by beating up Death. He is also among a rare few who are able to detect the existence of and ride The Flo.

He occasionally teams up with Florida Man to fight crime.

His arch-enemies are Woman Persuasion, Malerio Menga, Dark Elf, and Dr. Melt-hand.

He has a 20 foot long penis.He has a strong hatred for the letter "B".

He has a steak bush next to his giant skin tent which he eats steak from.

He has a sidekick known as Tommy K.

Powers, Abilities, Skills, Weaponry and Equipment

- Flo Riding

- Super Strength

- Badassery

- Giant skin tent

- Monster Truck

- Warhammer

- Skinning Knife

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