He is mainly known for punching people randomly and going around, being a badass.

Guy Hero's history and past is unknown. 

He was once hooked on CINN, his (ex)girlfriend is still addicted to it and she has become Woman Persuasion.

 He has killed more than 50 Giants and lives in a tent made of Their skin in Keen Valley and drives a monster truck. 

His main weakness is apathy, which makes Grey Storm quite a formidable foe and Guy Hero was once killed by Grey Storm but returned to life by beating up Death.

He is also among a rare few who are able to detect the existence of and ride The Flo.

 His arch-enemies are Woman Persuasion, Malario Menga, Dark Elf, and Dr. Melt-hand.

He has a 20 foot long penis.

He has a strong hatred for the letter "B".

He can forge his own food, which includes forging a steak bush.

He has a cop friend known as "Trig Jegman".

Guy Hero when fighting the giants, also defeated a titan, from attack on titan

Powers, Abilities and Paraphernalia


  • Super Strength
  • Badassery
  • God-like powers


  • Flo Riding
  • Dragon taming
  • Food forging


  • Giant skin tent
  • Monster Truck
  • Warhammer
  • Skinning Knife

First Appearance

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