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He is mainly known for punching people randomly and going around, being a badass.

"if you don't have hope, I'll pound it into you," -- Guy Hero's catchphrase

Guy Hero has a hatred for the letter B, it is unknown why but some theorise that his ex-girlfriend and now enemy Woman Persuasion's real name started with B and so every time he sees it he thinks of how he couldn't save her from her CINN addiction, his ultimate failure.

He is known to be descendant of Hercules, Shiva and King Arthur.

He currently resides in the Keen Valley neighborhood of Scar City.

First introduced: Episode 25


  • He was once a CINN junkie along with his girlfriend but he changed and she never has.
  • Now he forages his own food, most commonly steak from steak bush. He lives in a tent made of Giant's skin (which he has killed more than 50 of) in Keen Valley

Powers and Skills


  • Super Strength
  • Can tap into The Flo


  • Badassery


  • Giant skin tent
  • Skinning Knife


  • Apathy



  • Giant skin tent
  • Steak foraged from a steak bush


  • Guy Hero is very popular with everybody, including the gay community, it's often said that if you don't love Guy Hero, you're not human, although this phrase is probably just down to celebrity worship by the masses and not a reliable saying.