A Beard of Cox

The Ginger Beard

Jesse Cox is one of the two hosts, the other being Crendor, on Cox n' Crendor in the Morning. He is an out-of-job teacher turned out-of-job voice actor turned HERO on the internet. Jesse runs a YouTube channel simply called Jesse Cox.

General Edit

Real name: Jesse Cox

Aliases: EpicManeuver, OMFGcata, MojoMaker

Relatives: Jack and Susan Cox (parents), Amelia Cox (sister-in-law/wife)

Affiliation: SCR

Place of Residence: Scar City, Americle

Status Edit

Status: AliveOccupation: Radio Talk Show Host

Characteristics Edit

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Caucasian)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Ginger

Origin Edit

Place of Birth: Ohio, Americle

Powers and Skills Edit

Skills Edit

Power Grid
Intelligence X X X X X
Strength X X X
Speed X
Durability X X X X X X
Energy Projection X
Fighting Skill X X X X X X X X X

Paraphernalia Edit

Weaponry: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jesse has an ever growing tombstone covered in his various quotes from over the years.
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