In response to the popularity of the McGangBang, Jesse Cox invented the McCox-N-Crendor. Originally the burger was a combination of the McRib and a McDonald's Jalapeno Burger (which is a double cheeseburger with jalapenos and a strange, unnamed, white sauce). Jesse created this monstrosity because the McRib's sauce is so powerful. Jesse tried to take a bite out of it many times, but each time either the McRib fell out or it tasted bad.

However, the Jalapeno Burger was taken off the menu. As a result, the McCox-N-Crendor changed to become a McRib inside of a Bacon McDouble.

With Matthew Stonie's hotdog eating contest success, Jesse challenged Matthew with the McCox-N-Crendor Challenge, in which you need to create the McCox-N-Crendor in 6 seconds and eat it.

First introduced: Episode 78

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