New Orleans Marching Bands
Marching Bands roam the streets of New Orleans at all times which has turned it into a permanent post-apocalypse. It is unknown why people don't just leave, however, they have managed to keep a pseudo-society running with a functioning police force in spite of the bands.
Victim of the bands

Another victim of the bands. RIP Timmy

The New Orleans Marching Bands infect their hosts, turning them into a new member of the band. Their arrival can be recognized by their trademark trumpet sounds. The police force is unable to stop the bands from taking victims, and they are apparently causing traffic jams in New Orleans. Despite all this, they apparently only "almost as bad" as Hyenas.

First mentioned: Episode 30

Powers Edit

  • Have the ability to infect people.
  • Immediately gain the skill to play any instrument when infected.

Paraphernalia Edit

  • Instruments.
  • Uniforms
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